Fundraising 101

Selwyn participates in two annual fundraising initiatives:


Red Ribbon Reading, our summer reading program, incentivizes rising Kindergarten through 5th grade students to set summer reading goals, obtain sponsors and strive to reach that goal by charting minutes and hours read.  The program culminates in the fall with Selwyn’s traditional Red Friday celebration wherein all participants are celebrated.

RRR Funds 100% of PTA Operating Budget

Examples include but are not limited to: Nature Tales and Trails, field trips, science lab materials and equipment, Selwyn family fun events, Friday Night Lights, campus beautification, staff appreciation, Selwyn Celebrates the Arts, and Red and Blue Days


Building Blocks is Selwyn’s annual capital campaign which kicks off February 1st.  Donations traditionally fund “extras” for school improvements which are generally non consumable in nature.  Items are proposed by staff, administration and/or parents and requests are voted on and approved by Building Blocks committee.

Building Blocks Funds School Improvements

Examples include but are not limited to: smartboards, grade level iPad carts, playground equipment, die cutting machine, and laminating poster machine