Volunteer Opportunities Form

Thank you in advance for volunteering at Selwyn!  We are grateful for your commitment to our children.  This year, CMS is allowing volunteers to be on campus and there are many ways for you to get involved throughout the year.  Please indicate your interest(s) by checking the appropriate box.  You will receive confirmation of your assignment from the committee chairperson or Selwyn contact.  If you have questions regarding a committee, contact information for committee chairs is available here.

If you would like to volunteer but are not sure what would be the best fit for you, please contact Liz Flinn, Volunteer Coordinator, liz.flinn@gmail.com.

There will also be “day of” event volunteers needed throughout the year, which will be communicated via the Eagle Email.  You can always find near term opportunities here.

  • Learning Buddy (Tutor)* – Provide consistent weekly academic assistance before or during school to a student who needs reinforcement or remediation as directed by a teacher. Volunteers will meet with the same student for 30-45 minutes once a week October – May on a set schedule.  A Learning Buddy must be a CMS registered volunteer, sign a confidentiality agreement and attend a short training session. (Chair: Molly Putnam)
  • Buddy/Mentor – Develop a relationship with a child in need of a positive adult role model.  Once a week or two times monthly.  (Contact: Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Carrubba)
  • North Star Reading Partners Volunteers* - A CMS initiative in which volunteers work one hour, once a week.  Volunteers will work with a 2nd grader who is struggling in reading. (Contact: Literacy Facilitator, Michelle Vulgamore)
*indicates mandatory training
  • Classroom Support Volunteer – Assist literacy and math facilitators and classroom teachers with preparing resources for use in Selwyn classrooms.  You can do it from home.  (Chair: Laura Skaff)
  • Office Volunteer* – Want to be on the front line?  Volunteers needed in the office for 2-hour shifts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. You will also be trained to give tours to prospective parents.   (Chair: Julia Cheatwood)
  • Proctors* – Assist in classrooms and as hallway monitors for grade level testing typically done in May.   (Contact: Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Carrubba)
  • Staff Appreciation Volunteer – Assist with staff appreciation efforts throughout the year including monthly recognition and Staff Appreciation Week in March of 2022.  (Chairs: Cecily Hudson, Megan Roane and Kathy Shields)
*indicates mandatory training
  • Nature Trail/Nature Tales – Lead classes in grades K-2 on the Selwyn Nature Trail, read a science-related book to the class, discuss, and sometimes complete an additional activity. Lesson plans and materials will be provided. Volunteers are asked to help with a minimum of one lesson (around 40 minutes). Most outings are in the fall and spring and need to be coordinated with the teachers’ schedules.  (Chair: Beth Norton)
  •  Outreach/Inreach Volunteer – Assist with coordination and execution of grade level service projects.  (Chairs: Rebecca Horner and Auguste Olson)
  • Science Lab - Love observing firsthand how science engages and activates our children’s minds?  Opportunities are available to purchase, organize and set up materials for pre-determined labs, assist in clean up, and support teachers as needed in execution of lab experiments. Schedule is flexible. (Chairs: Heather Brent, Ashley Hall, Nikki Cullen, Jin Kwok and Leigh Young)
  • Parent Party - Help plan and provide support during this annual gathering at a local restaurant. Spring 2022 (Chairs: Erin Brady and Brooke Adler)
  • Red Ribbon Reading – Assist in the preparation and implementation of Red Friday in the Fall of 2021.  Help in the Spring with logistics, financial and creative aspects of RRR kick-off May 2022. (Chairs: Petra Balassy, Amy Shaffer, Mary Lindsay Evans, Lindley Lacey, and Heather Salameh)
  • Selwyn Celebrates the Arts – One of Selwyn’s finest traditions!  Assist with mounting artwork throughout the year.  Help set up, display and take down the fabulous artwork for our Spring PTA event scheduled for Spring 2022.  Flexible daytime hours month of April; no artistic ability required.  (Chairs: Suzanne Carson, Molly Casner, Jane Coulter and Mary Mac Lawrence)
  • Selwyn Family Fun – Help set up, carry out and clean up after our community building events.  (Chairs: Jenny Baer, Amy Hanna, Monica Hickman, Lyndsay Pue and Kristi Warren)
  • Book Fair – Volunteers needed to operate cash registers and assist shoppers at our Book Fairs.  (Chairs: Jeana Bruchs and Robyn Huffstetler)
  • Campus Beautification - Help keep Selwyn's campus beautiful throughout the year. Volunteers are needed to pick up litter and maintain plants on scheduled beautification days. (Chairs: Kevin Harrell, Crosby Mulwee and Kelly O’Connor)
  • Eagle – Would you like to dress up as the Selwyn Eagle for key events throughout the year?  Sign-up to be contacted when the eagle is needed. (Contact: Whitney Seeburg)
  • Hospitality Volunteer – Assist with events during the school year. Times vary from day to evening events. Contribute goodies and set up coffee on an as needed basis. Very flexible.  (Chairs: Cindy Barchi, Chrissy Bonner, Holly Bundy)
  • Photographers – Do you love attending school events and taking pictures?  We are looking for volunteers to help capture all of the amazing activities happening at Selwyn.  (Pictures to be used for PTA communications.) (Chairs: Georgine Jefferies, Amanda Anderson, Kim Lineberger and Amy Peterson)
  • Prospective Parents - Assist with prospective parents’ events and welcome initiatives. -Open House (October 2021) and Beginner’s Day (May 2022).  There will be two meetings held in the months leading up to each event and the event itself.  Activities include preparing packets for prospective parents as well as supporting the days’ activities (check-in, tours, greeters).  Choose to help with one or both. (Chairs: Quinerly Cowden, Whitney Mulwee, Susanne Rowell and Jennifer Whitworth)
  • School Store – Assist with school merchandise sales at special events.   (Chairs: Brooke Busbee and Amanda Harris)
  • Tour Guide *– Share your love of Selwyn School with prospective families. Help conduct tours and show prospective families our school. (Chair: Julia Cheatwood)
*indicates mandatory training

Please complete this form by Friday, September 3rd.

  • General Volunteer

  • Share your unique talent and expertise with Selwyn School! Selwyn parents have a wealth of knowledge, vocational backgrounds and other experiences that are invaluable in supporting our students’ learning. Please list any that you would be willing to share with the Selwyn community in the space provided:
  • Have a Direct Impact on the Life of a Child

  • Support and Appreciate our Incredible Selwyn Teachers and Staff

  • Enrich our Students' Education

  • Strengthen the Selwyn Community by Helping with a Special Event

  • Support our School and PTA

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