Volunteer Opportunities Form

Thank you in advance for volunteering at Selwyn! We are grateful for your commitment to our children. Please indicate your interest(s) by checking the appropriate box. You will receive confirmation of your assignment from the committee chairperson or Selwyn contact. If you have questions regarding a committee, contact information for committee chairs.

If you would like to volunteer but are not sure what would be the best fit for you, please contact Jen Fowler, Volunteer Coordinator, or any PTA Board of Directors member.

There will also be “day of” event volunteers needed throughout the year which will be communicated via the Eagle Email. You can also always find near term opportunities here.

  • Learning Buddy (Tutor)* – Provide consistent weekly academic assistance before or during school to a student who needs reinforcement or remediation as directed by a teacher. Volunteers will meet with the same student for 30-45 minutes once a week October – May on a set schedule.  A Learning Buddy must be a CMS registered volunteer, sign a confidentiality agreement and attend a training/ meeting normally the  3rd week of Sept (Chairs: Emily Browne, Quinerly Cowden)
  • Lunch or Breakfast Buddy/Mentor – Develop a relationship with a child in need of a positive adult role model.  Once a week or two times monthly.    (Contact: Dr. Harris)
  • North Star Reading Partners Volunteers - A CMS initiative in which volunteers work one hour, once a week, with a 3rd grade student who is struggling in the area of literacy. Volunteers who worked with a 3rd grader in 2016-17 and have established a relationship with that student is asked to continue to work with that student if he/she did not meet grade level expectations in reading. (Contact: Michelle Vulgamore)
  • Partner School / Billingsville Volunteer – Support our CMS partner school, Billingsville Elementary, with your time and talents.  Provide assistance for students by participating in HEART math tutoring program, reading tutoring, helping in the student garden, assisting with student clubs (during school hours) and student pen pals. Provide assistance to staff through Staff Appreciation, copying, organizing leveled books, and other activities throughout the year. Any amount of time makes a difference.  Flexible schedule. (Chairs: Cathy Bradley, Jamie Scurry)
  • Speech Squad*– Help teach speech placement and articulation for a student with individual sound errors.  Sessions will occur up to 2 times per week with 10-15 min. with each student.  Multiple students could be seen back to back. Training and resources will be provided by Selwyn Speech Pathologist. (Contact: Emily Richardson)
  • A-Team Volunteer – Assist autistic team teachers with classroom responsibilities. Volunteers needed to help with weekly lunch coverage, assist in Autism Awareness Week, and assist with field trips (around town, Special Olympics, etc) No training required – a positive attitude and patience a plus! (Chair:  Donna Gillan)
  • Classroom Support Volunteer – Assist literacy and math facilitators and classroom teachers with preparing resources for use in Selwyn classrooms.  Can do from home!  (Chairs: Jessica Abrams, Andrea Fisher)
  • Office Volunteer* – Want to be on the front line?  Volunteers needed in the office for 2 hour shifts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.   (Chair: Lisa Anderson)
  • Proctors* – Assist in classrooms and as hallway monitors for grade level testing. Opportunities in September and May.  (Contact: Sharone Harris)
  • Staff Appreciation Volunteer – Assist with staff appreciation efforts throughout the year including monthly recognition and during Staff Appreciation Week scheduled for March 12-16, 2018.  (Chairs: Vivian Munson, Mary Ellen McElroy, Leigh Ann Thomas)
  • Chess Club – Work with Young Master Chess to teach chess to our students.  Chess Club meets Wednesdays (typically from the end of September through the end of April) from 3-4pm.   Volunteers are needed once a month on Wednesdays from 2:45-4 to help as needed with students. Volunteers do not need to know how to play chess.  (Chair: Susie Klein)
  • Nature Trail/Nature Tales – Take classes in grades K-2 out on the Selwyn Nature Trail, read a science-related book to the class, discuss, and sometimes complete an additional mini-activity. Lesson plans and materials will be provided. Volunteers are asked to help with a minimum of one lesson and to cover at least half of the classes in a given grade level (about 3-4 hours total). Most outings are in the fall and spring and need to be coordinated with the teachers’ schedules.  (Contact: Ali Price, Davis Hebert)
  • Outreach/Inreach Volunteer – Assist with coordination and execution of grade level service projects.  Each project will run one week or less.  (Chairs: Catherine Ruth Kelly, Amanda Saylor Jarman)
  • Science Lab- Love observing firsthand how science engages and activates our children’s minds?  Opportunities are available to organize and set up materials for pre-determined labs, assist in clean up, and support teachers as needed in execution of lab experiments. Schedule is flexible. (Chairs: Regina Farmer, Ashley Hall, Lauren Thompson)
  • Friday Night Lights – Work a shift to help carry out this fun family event – set up, face painting, hair painting, handing out food and drinks, handing out football tickets, clean up, etc. on Friday, October 13, 2017. Some volunteers will be needed to help with heavy lifting during set-up. (Chairs: Shelly Cole, Melissa Hovey)
  • Parent Party - Help plan, carry out and clean up after this awesome annual tradition.  (Chairs: Holly Goodman, Heather Salameh)
  • Red Ribbon Reading –  Assist in the preparation and implementation of Red Friday on October 20, 2017.  Help in the Spring with logistics, financial and creative aspects of RRR kick-off! (Chairs/Co-Chairs: Gray Setaro, Anne Tobar, Mandi Bell, Laura Patton)
  • Selwyn Celebrates the Arts – One of Selwyn’s finest traditions!  Assist with mounting artwork throughout the year.  Help set up, display and take down the fabulous artwork for our Spring PTA event scheduled for Thursday, May 3, 2018.  Flexible daytime hours; no artistic ability required.  (Chairs: Robyn Huffstetler, Tiffany Matchett, Kristi Warren)
  • Selwyn Fun – Help set up, carry out and clean up after these wonderful community building events - Movie Night (Friday, November 3, 2017) and Dance Party (Friday, February 23, 2018) (Chairs: Mayleng Watson, Mary Lindsay Evans, Maya Love)
  • Book Fair – Volunteers needed to operate cash registers and assist shoppers at our Winter Book Fair, December 5 through December 8, 2017, and at our Spring Book Fair, during the mornings of May 1 through May 4, 2018 and the evening of Selwyn Celebrates the Arts, Thursday, May 3, 2018.  (Chairs: Karen Carpenter, Melissa Lovett)
  • Art Support – Assist with mounting and displaying artwork throughout the school building throughout the year.  Great way to have hands-on involvement around the school and interaction with the staff.  Support preparation for SCArts. Flexible scheduling.  (Chair: Dawn Johnson)
  • Bookroom Volunteers –Volunteers are needed to help label new books and organize the Book Room. Flexible schedule / commitment (Contact: Michelle Vulgamore)
  • Campus Beautification - Help keep Selwyn's campus beautiful throughout the year! Volunteers are needed to pick up liter and maintain plants on scheduled beautification days and as needed in between. (Chairs: Meredeth and Bart Murr, Carlyle Knox)
  • Eagle – Would you like to dress up as the Selwyn Eagle for key events throughout the year?  Sign-up to be contacted when the eagle is needed!  Typical appearances are during morning carpool (1st and last day of school, Eagle Dads Days), Red Friday assembly (morning October 20), Beginners Day (morning May 4), and other special event days. (Contact: Kathy Shields)
  • Hospitality Volunteer – Assist with two to three hospitality events during the school year. Times vary from day to evening events. Contribute goodies on an as needed basis. Very flexible!.  (Chairs: Megan Roane, Julie Jackson)
  • Photographers – Do you love attending school events and taking pictures?  We are looking for volunteers to help capture all of amazing activities happening at Selwyn.  (Pictures to be used for PTA communications.) (Chairs: Brooke Brown, Holly Owens)
  • Prospective Parents - Assist with prospective parents’ events and welcome initiatives. -Open House (Oct. 12, 2017) and Beginner’s Day (May 4, 2018).  There will be two meetings held in the months leading up to each event and the event itself.  Activities include preparing packets for prospective parents as well as supporting the days’ activities.  Choose to help with one or both! (Chairs: Abby Hedges, Laura McDermott, Daralyn Nicholson)
  • School Store – Assist with school merchandise sales at special events.   (Chairs: Jessica Jenkins, Christy Parbst)
  • Tour Guide* – Share your love of Selwyn School with prospective families.  Tours occur in the mornings.   (Chair: Paige Bradley)
  • Transferring Family Mentor – Mentor a new family entering Selwyn in grades 1-5 by answering questions, offering information, and/or having a meet and greet before school starts or as the family transfer in mid-year.  Involvement of the mentor family will vary depending on needs/wants of the transferring family. (Chairs:  Julia Cheatwood, Beverly Shull)

Please complete this form by Tuesday, September 5th.

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