Relink VIC Card; Save Box Tops!

Relink Your Harris Teeter VIC Card!

P lease remember to relink your Harris Teeter VIC card and earn money through your purchases for Selwyn or Billingsville, our partner school. Ask grandparents, aunts, uncles, and neighbors to link up too! Selwyn’s number is 1736. Plus, from Sept. 9 through Nov. 3, when you spend $100 or more via the Express Lane (order online and drive up) for 5 of the 8 weeks, Harris Teeter will donate $50 to Selwyn! Relink now to take advantage of a great way to earn money for Selwyn.

Save Your Box Tops!

Start savings your box tops! Our contest to see which grade can collect the most box tops to earn money for Selwyn is coming up, with the grade that sends in the most winning a fun prize. Start saving now; we will collect box tops the week of October 5. Selwyn earns 10 cents for each box top. More info: