Allison Sparks


Birthday: April 9th

Initials: AJS

Favorite Sports Team: Don't have one. Eek!! Sorry!

Favorite Color: Love so many colors- Navy blue, soft pink, soft yellow, grass green

Favorite Restaurant to Eat with Family/Friends:

Favorite Place to Shop: Anthropology, World Market

Hobbies/Interests/Collections: Walking/hiking

I love receiving: Other

Favorite Candy: Red Mike and Ikes

Favorite Chocolate: Twix bars, kit kats

Favorite Snack Food: pirates booty, white Cheeto's puff (the one that says "simply")

Favorite Drink (Hot & Cold): black tea (like a plain orange pekoe or Irish breakfast). If from Starbucks I love their green tea

If someone was bringing me a take-out meal to Selwyn, I would want to order from: Chick-Fil-A

And my order would be: #1 combo with a bottled water

Thank you, but I have enough of: Lotions are hard for me to receive because there are usually nut/seed based ingredients that I cannot use.

Some of my favorite gifts as a teacher have been: I am always grateful for gift cards and money to put toward things I might be saving for.

Anything else you want us to know: I have some terrible allergies (tree nuts and sesame allergy are anaphylactic) It is usually challenging for me to receive food items unless I have see the ingredients list.