Turkeys and Trikes – Selwyn Families Respond to BB Giving Day Challenge!

We want to thank everyone that came together to make Selwyn Giving Day a HUGE success!

Thanks to the kind generosity of more than 210 families, you blew through all three Giving Day challenges. As of Friday, over 36% of Selwyn families had participated with family donations and pledges totaling over $68,000, and additional funds expected from matching grants! And we are still receiving donations mailed on Friday. T his means more books, technology and other educational resources for Selwyn and for Billingsville.

And of course this also means our children will love seeing Mr. Lis with blue hair and have loads of fun watching a challenging tricycle race between Mr. Lis and Mrs. Harris. It also means we’ll see Mr. Lis dressed as a turkey THIS Tuesday! In fact, Mrs. Harris was so impressed with the wonderful turnout that she’s going to dress up as a turkey too!

But we’re not done yet! We are still working towards our goal of 100% participation and $100,000 by the end of February. If you missed Giving Day, please click here to make your gift today!