Emily Richardson

Email: emily.richardson@cms.k12.nc.us

Birthday: March 8

Initials: EVR

Favorite Sports Team: Charlotte FC; Carolina Panthers; Florida State University

Favorite Color: blue & green

Favorite Restaurant to Eat with Family/Friends: Midwood smokehouse, Pacos Tacos

Favorite Place to Shop: Amazon!!

Hobbies/Interests/Collections: travel

I love receiving: Cards, Monogrammed/Personalized Items, School Supplies, Flowers, Other

Favorite Candy: Sour patch kids, M&Ms

Favorite Chocolate: Yes please 🙂 I love it all – dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt, milk chocolate

Favorite Snack Food: Cool ranch Doritos (blue bag), White Cheddar Popcorn

Favorite Drink (Hot & Cold): Hot- tea (English breakfast, green tea), hot cocoa; Cold- bai, spindrift, coke

If someone was bringing me a take-out meal to Selwyn, I would want to order from: Midwood Smokehouse

And my order would be: BBQ sandwich, baked beans, banana pudding

Thank you, but I have enough of: candles

Some of my favorite gifts as a teacher have been: handmade art and cards

Anything else you want us to know: THANK YOU!!!!!

PDF: https://selwynpta.org/pdf/6297c5c2e71b2/634/