Betsy Maronich (Fisher)


Birthday: 08/22

Initials: EFM

Favorite Sports Team: Carolina Panthers

Favorite Color: Pink and Green

Favorite Restaurant to Eat with Family/Friends: Brawleys, The Jimmy, Mama Ricottas, Rusty Bucket, Chopt

Favorite Place to Shop: Target, Julies, LuLu Lemon, Athleta, Reid's Fine Foods, Altared State

Hobbies/Interests/Collections: Yoga, Walking, Running, Cycling, Yard Work!

I love receiving: Lotions, Candles, Cards, Monogrammed/Personalized Items, Flowers, Home Decor, Holiday Decor

Favorite Candy: Sour Patch kids, Reeses, Hersheys choc with almonds, dark choc.

Favorite Chocolate: Hersheys choc with almonds, Dove dark chocolate bites

Favorite Snack Food: Trail mix, Pirate's Booty

Favorite Drink (Hot & Cold): Hot- Caramel Mocciato, Cold- Iced Brown Sugar oatmilk shaken espresso (all from Starbucks)

If someone was bringing me a take-out meal to Selwyn, I would want to order from: Chick Fila

And my order would be: Chick fila- Spicy chicken sandwich meal with fries, Dr. Pepper and Ranch

Thank you, but I have enough of: coffee tumblers

Some of my favorite gifts as a teacher have been: Nice water tumblers, flowers, giftcards, monogrammed stationary, thoughtful, handmade pictures and memorable keepsakes, decorations!

Anything else you want us to know: I love ya'll! Thank you for you love and support!