Red Ribbon Reading

Red Ribbon Reading (RRR) is Selwyn’s summer reading program that encourages students to continue their reading, writing, and math skills during the summer months while also helping raise funds for the yearly PTA operating budget.

RRR is a way for your child to invest in themselves AND their school. Students obtain sponsors to support their efforts, set goals for the summer months, and celebrate those successes in the fall when pledges are collected.

The program concludes in the fall with Selwyn’s traditional Red Friday celebration where all participants are recognized. The dollars collected through RRR allows the PTA to celebrate our students through events such as Family Movie Night, the School Dance, Friday Night Lights, Red & Blue Day (field day), School Play, Campus Beautification, Staff Appreciation, grade level fields trips and much more!

  • Students set a RRR hourly goal for the summer.
  • Parents/families then pledge a dollar amount or make a flat donation for each hour of summer reading, writing, or math practice completed.
  • Students collect pledges from grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors to help maximize their efforts.
  • Corporate matches also make a difference! Click here for a list of matching employers, and check with your HR department if your company is not on the list.
  • Students make official pledges for RRR by filling out the pledge form.
  • It’s time to start RRR! Any reading, writing, or math practice counts towards RRR hours! Start recording from June 2 through August 28.
  • Help your child keep track of his/her hours by using the RRR chart provided to them at the end of the school year. Click here for an extra chart.
  • Students collect and submit pledge dollars from sponsors.
  • Donations can be submitted online or by check made payable to Selwyn PTA and returned to the front office.
  • Students submit their completed RRR chart to their teacher.
  • Students celebrate their success with t-shirts and prizes on RED FRIDAY!

Fostering a love of learning at a young age and making it a daily habit is how RRR helps to promote your child’s well-being and long-term success. Google “the summer slide” if you need more reasons!

  • Reading to your child
  • Audiobooks
  • Graphic novels
  • Their favorite book they can recite by heart
  • Practicing math facts
  • Math apps and games
  • Writing in a journal
  • Writing a letter to relative or friend
  • Writing and illustrating a book
  • Lemonade stand economics
  • Following a recipe and measuring ingredients
  • And more – be creative!
  • Field Trips (Children’s Theater, Reed Gold Mine, AW Shucks Farm, Old Salem, NC Zoo, Discovery Place, Raptor Center & Whitewater Center)
  • Science Lab/Makerspace
  • Fifth Grade Play
  • Selwyn Family Fun Dances and Movie Nights
  • Selwyn Celebrates the Arts (SCARTS)
  • Events for Prospective Parents and Students
  • Safety Patrol
  • Campus Beautification
  • Outreach and In-reach Programs
  • Fifth Grade Events & Celebrations
  • Supplies for Health Room
  • Staff Appreciation and Professional Development for Teachers
  • Red & Blue Field Day (field day)
  • Need book suggestions? Here is a list of books and series that are popular with Selwyn readers from Ms. Bailey.
  • Access books online through SORA!  Instructions can be found on Ms. Bailey’s Media page.  
  • Looking for fun ways to engage your readers, writers and mathematicians?  Play RRR Bingo!
  • Beat the heat with a lemonade stand! Check out these ideas and tips.

Still Have Questions?

Contact your Red Ribbon Reading Co-chairs:

Mary Lindsay Evans & Lindley Lacey

Thank you to our sponsors